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索达锐科技有限公司(香港)成立于2010年3月 工厂位于深圳市宝安区LED产业聚集地。本公司专注于研发生产


及销售照明应急电源行业中的 LED应急电源、自动应急电源、多功能应急电源、降功率应急电源、






并取得了CE认证、ROHS认证 、MSDS报告 。用于产品出口欧盟等多个国家。倡导绿色环保安全节能








LED平板灯LED玉米灯、LED球泡灯、 LED节能灯、LED灯带、LED投光灯、LED吸顶灯、LED面板灯



2 LED应急电源:LED全自动应急电源  LED面板灯应急电源  LED降功率应急电源 LED筒灯应急电源
LED应急逆变器   LED多功能应急电源  LED格栅灯应急电源  LED天花灯应急电源 LED隧道灯应急电源
LED应急电源盒   LED日光灯应急电源  LED泛光灯应急电源  LED投光灯应急电源 LED节能灯应急电源
L应急LED感应灯管应急电源  LED T8 T10支    架应急电源 电子转换 器 电子逆变器 照明   应急电源


Our company is customer-oriented via our personalized way by constantly listening to the needs from customer and market, offering best solutions accordingly. Our existing sectors include General Manager Dept., HR Dept., PMC Dept., Sales Dept., Purchasing Dept., R&D Dept., Manufacturing Dept., QC Dept., Module Dept., Plastic Injection Dept., Silk print Dept., Warehouse etc.

With sophisticated cooperation with each other, we can process all orders promptly and effectively.

We are making our best effort to serve customers from all over the world, and to establish long-term partner relationship with customers through offering high quality products. Our goal is to achieve the highest standard of service for our customers and keep sustainable development.

Company Culture:
Our Vision: Enjoy your life with our best service and products.
Our Mission: To maximize the value for our partners.
Our Principle: Highest Quality, Best Service, Competitive Price.
Superiority: Fast Module, Fast Production, Fast Delivery

Come on! We are ready to be at your service.

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